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Head Quarters Crosio della Valle

DESIGN, QUALITY AND CUSTOMER SERVICE are the prerogatives of New Ermes Europe, an outstanding Italian brand in the international market that for four generations has been at the customers’ service, proud of his own success, the result of his strict cooperation with the customer who always appreciates the efforts for a zero defects manufacturing and being in the technological forefront of its market sector with high quality products.

New Ermes is leader in the research and development of new concepts, design and restyling for vacuum cleaners accessories, design and implementation of moulds and rapid prototyping.

 From 1995 each item is tested in prototyping phase by qualified institutes that define the technical vacuum cleaning specifications.

Handicraft attention is still paid in each single phase of the working process with the target of offering a final article produced with the best quality materials always granting high functionality, strength, aesthetic and high technical level.

The Company is certified

Policy of the quality

Particular relief is given to the efficiency and the flexibility in offering to the OEM clients the study of customized solutions for any specific requirement and the constant assistance to the customer in the development phase of each product, by defining advantageous costs with small investment involved and reasonable volume requirement.



Chinese production

YUYAO, ZHEJIANG Province - China
Ningbo Ermes Manufacturing & Trading Company Ltd.

The company is certidfied

Our Italian head office realizes the projects and has the full control on the Chinese production, on the tests and on the supply’s systems. We assure in real time the monitoring of each production phase through the constant and indispensable control of our fully trusted technical people.

The coordination between our Italian and Chinese branches is allowing us, thanks to our elevate knowledge, a price reduction without renouncing to the added value of our offer of high technology.

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