Policy of the quality


The Direction of NEW ERMES EUROPE has given a commitment in a process of implementation of the Quality at all company level, in compliance with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 Norm.
The main targets are:

- The diffusion of their products and services,
- The respect of the requirements,
- The continuous improvement of the performances of their company process,
- The full satisfaction of the client,
- The improvement of the relationships and performance of the providers,
- The implementation and the development of their systems in order to supply to the clients always new technological solutions to their needs,
- The creation of a company culture oriented to the continuous improvement.

The Management proposes therefore itself to: Increase the activity of prevention in order to decrease the costs of the non-quality, owed by the clients’ reports, through the corrective actions, Optimize the management processes in order to increase the company competitiveness and the market possibilities, Optimize the relationship with the suppliers in order to make them participate in the prefixed targets, Monitor the satisfaction of the client through appropriate methods established during the Management review.
For this purpose annually is prepared a plan of the Quality that defines the process targets of NEW ERMES EUROPE (Indicators and Targets).


It is wish of the Management to communicate the quality policy to all the internal resources, this is done by exhibiting in the company showcase and feedback through the internal audit. The same policy, in order to increase the continuous improvement , is also transmitted to the suppliers considered strategic.

Crosio Della Valle, 31.10.2017

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