Mod. NEPG18 Pet Grooming tool

  • NEPG18-front-chiusa-sx2
  • NEPG18-front-aperta-dx
  • NEPG18 retro aperta
  • NEPG18 laterale
  • a) comb for shor and curly hair
  • b) Comb for long hair
  • c) comb for very short and fine hair
  • tubo flessibile con inserimento NEPG18
  • manicotto-con-forbici




Mod. NEPG18 Pet Grooming tool Patented design
Cod. F03150 disassembling tool body - POM particulars
Tool created for a daily vacuum of superfluous/dead hear.
Suitable for dogs, cats ed any other animal with shedding.
Leaves the coat of your animal perfectly brushed and clean.
Massages gently and stimulates circulation. It doesn’t hurt.
Handy, easy to use and to be conneced to the domestic vacuum cleaner.
Studied to be disassembled and clened internally
Interchangeable combs, expressly designed for:
a) comb in PA6 and steel for short and curly hair
b) comb in PA6 and steel for long hair
c) comb in PA6 and TPE for very short and fine hair
Only for packs with universal flexible hose fitting to the vacuum cleaner

A New Ermes Europe product is guarantee of:
- High quality
- Rigorous checks
- Efficiency
- Flexibility
- Customized packaging
- Assistance

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